Infrared Barbecue

Enjoy the pleasure of cooking
in an easy and healthy way

A new way to cook

With our Infrared Barbecue you can cook any kind of food, keeping unchanged its flavor. Food will remain tasty and juicy thanks to the infrared technology that, unlike the conventional cooking methods, does not use transmission but induction, operating directly on the food and not on the surrounding areas.

Easy and convenient to use

This will allow you to keep unchanged the organoleptic and nutritional properties, because the heat penetrates into the food, cooking it evenly and quickly.

The device is equipped with an adjustable lid and with five different heating temperatures, so that you can chose the most suitable for the food you want to cook.


The Asiagem Barbeque has two grills, that absorb the heat and make food cooking easier.

Thanks to their locking system, they are easy to be disassembled for a good maintenance. The cleaning operation are made easier by the tray that collects oil and grease.

Design and Rotation

Its elegant and functional design allows you to handle the Barbeque without running the risk of getting burned.

The manual rotation allows a uniform cooking of food.

Heating cover

Provided with infrared heating, the cover releases heat and addresses it to the entire surface of the grill.

Adjusting the cover height through the upper handle, you can vary the direction and intensity of infrared rays.

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