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People and their wellness are our priority.

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Free trials are our way to offer you a better life.

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Our unique strategy involves more and more entrepreneurs in our family.

About Asiagem

"People", "Research", "Innovation"

Three simple words to describe the philosophy of Asiagem, a solid and reliable italian company that relies on the collaboration of physicians and researchers, in order to search and develop unique and functional products.

"Frankness", "Loyalty", "Honesty"

Our organization relies on a mutual trust relation with our official stores, in line with our moral code, that identify us as an honest and upright company.

"Wellness", "Health", "Vitality"

Giving wellness to people is the main goal of the continuous effort of the Asiagem team, that materializes in unique products, safe and well-finished in every detail.

Vanessa Nicoletti

Vanessa Nicoletti

Partner and Administrator

Alexander Nicoletti

Alexander Nicoletti

Partner and Administrator

Mauro Cataldo

Mauro Cataldo

General Manager

Asiagem Stores

In our stores you can find the same passion: provide wellness in everyday life.

The highly qualified staff will show our products, making you try their real benefits with unlimited free trials. Thanks to our frankness and honesty, which are the basic elements of our moral code, we always establish a relationship of confidence and trust with our customers, in order to provide total satisfaction.

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Asiagem and ALE&GIO Products

The goal at the base of the research and development of the products of Asiagem and ALE&GIO is to offer physical and mental benefits to those who want to take care of themselves.

This is possible only with a varied and complete merchandise able to accompany those who are looking for an alternative lifestyle throughout the day.


ALE&GIO is the exclusive brand of Asiagem products that are developped and/or produced in Italy.
The cooperation with stylists, designers and researchers gives to ALE&GIO the exclusive and universally recognized style of "Made in Italy", that to be added to the quality of raw materials and nanotechnologies.

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Asiagem means working, personal and economic growth.

Dare and take the challenge with a company like Asiagem gives you safety and stability. Experience and motivation, that have increased our reputation nationally and internationally for decades, are the core elements of our success.

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